August 1, 2018

Basics. Are. The. Best!

And if you would have asked me 4 years ago – right before I started Younique – if a bright pink lip was a “basic” product for me, I would have laughed. I only ever went for “nude pinks.” Now I feel naked without a pop of color on my lips!

Are you a nude lip gal?! Let’s add some color to your “basic” and help you feel as glam as I do in my 7 minute face! 👌🏼😍 Comment on this post and I'll get back to you right away – you'll be on your way to a new "basic look" in no time!

Did you know it was National Lipstick Day on July 29??? 💄💋👇🏼🤗👇🏼 

Look at this new exclusive lip color!!!!! You know I’m already obsessed since pink is my JAM!!! And it’s a soft neutral pink! (Looking at you, nude lip lovers!) Gimme!!

Here’s the details:

Celebrate #NationalLipstickDay with a free NEW MOODSTRUCK SPLASH® liquid lipstick in Softhearted with every $125 purchase OR new Younique Presenters within their first 30 days can receive this color with their Booster Bundle purc...

June 27, 2018

🚙 Road trip makeup! 🚙

(Don't worry – it was applied from the passenger seat in stop and go traffic outside of Baton Rouge! )

Takes real talent to do wing liner while traveling over these "well taken care of" 🤭🤭Louisiana highways! 😆 Still obsessed with my Duet lipstick in Hitting It Off!! All day wear, smudge proof and BOLD, hydrating color!

Oh – and that new Liquid Shadow in Crystal Cove!! I never say this unless it’s that good, but HURRY and grab these SUPER easy Limited Edition Shadows before they sell out because 2 shades are already gone!!!!!

We are in Watercolor, FL until next Saturday. 🤗 So far we are having SO much fun, however there is WAY too much sand in my car 😩!

Makeup isn’t happening very often since I showered 3 times today- pool to beach to home and then to wash off the sand!

One thing is for sure, the new Finishing Powder is quickly becoming my best friend!! 😍 As I’m melting away in this humidity, it is helping to mattify my makeup or my bare skin, absorbs...

June 16, 2018

Give me ALL the glow!!!

Obsessing today over these new Beachfront Kissed products! Especially loving this new golden highlighter!

Never seen anything like this color! 😍👌🏼🏖

 And then there's our NEW Lip Oil!

Honest review – and why you need it:

1. It FEELS amazing!!! So silky smooth! ✔️

2. My lips have never been this soft with zero dry skin, even in the very middle!!! With the sun drying out my lips this summer, this is essential!! 🔝

3. High gloss shine and finish! Whether you want to top a bold lip stain OR wear it by itself, it will add that high gloss shine without ever feeling sticky or gooey and your hair won’t stick to it in the wind! 💨

Now that’s a vacation must have!! 🏖

Shown here is Beachfront Kissed Lip Oil in Oceanside over Opulence Lipstick in Upscale.


This bad boy launched today on my site!!! WHAT! A #sunscreenpowder you can throw in your beach bag and #reapply over your #makeup as needed?! Genius!! 👌🏼☀️🏖🍹

What does it d...

May 8, 2018

Are you getting the most out of your cleanser?

One thing I’ve learned from my esthetician is to massage your cleanser in gently but thoroughly. I massage in circular motions for about 30 seconds every night. I do it basically until I can feel the jojoba beads in my cleanser cleaning and moisturizing my skin.

Make sure you are removing ALL of that makeup, excess oil and toxins each night. I highly recommend the Pore Purifying Cleanser for nightly use and the Moisture Boosting Cleanser for your morning routine. My skin has never looked better and been more clean!

Duet Lipstick

This new Duet lipstick is BY FAR the answer to your long-lasting lipstick dreams! It doesn’t wear off in certain places like most lipsticks do! It seriously LASTED Killian’s entire party yesterday with ZERO touch ups! I was prepared for every photo without a doubt! 👌🏼👌🏼😍

This is “Hitting It Off” and it’s the perfect hot pink for summer. 💗

AND Madeline Salamon is rockin’ our Opulence lipstick in Prodigal PLUS our...

March 3, 2018

Springtime in Texas is my favorite time of the year! #HelloMarch! The weather is actually somewhat bearable💐☀️, unlike summer😅 and I get to wear my favorite color ALL the time! A pop of #hotpink 👄will put almost anyone into a good mood!

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