Parents' Night Out!

Last night was a parents’ night out! My niece babysat and mama got dressed in real clothes and makeup! 🤣🤗 My favorite Duet lipstick in Seeing Double won again! That plus the new Touch Pressed Powder, Epic Mascara, Powder Blush in Spirited, and Beachfront Kissed Liquid Shadow in Redondo and Santa Monica were all I needed to feel out together and FAST! #life #makeuplook

On the Road

🚙 Road trip makeup! 🚙 (Don't worry – it was applied from the passenger seat in stop and go traffic outside of Baton Rouge! ) Takes real talent to do wing liner while traveling over these "well taken care of" 🤭🤭Louisiana highways! 😆 Still obsessed with my Duet lipstick in Hitting It Off!! All day wear, smudge proof and BOLD, hydrating color! Oh – and that new Liquid Shadow in Crystal Cove!! I never say this unless it’s that good, but HURRY and grab these SUPER easy Limited Edition Shadows before they sell out because 2 shades are already gone!!!!! We are in Watercolor, FL until next Saturday. 🤗 So far we are having SO much fun, however there is WAY too much sand in my car 😩! Makeup isn

Best Mail Day EVER

THE. BEST. Mail day was yesterday...seriously! I got the new one-step, super-easy Liquid Eyeshadows, the new SPF Finishing Powder, plus some new wedges! 🤗👡 This new Liquid Eyeshadow is SO freaking easy! I mean, it has its own applicator so you don’t need a brush and it glides on so beautifully!! Perfect for my mom makeup days, which are basically 6 out of 7 days a week! 🤪 This color is Redondo. I can't wait to take our NEW SPF 25 Finishing Powder to the beach this weekend!!!!! It feels incredibly smooth and velvety and even adds extra coverage and a matte finish over my Pressed Powder. Best of all, it didn’t cover up my blush and highlighter when I applied it on top. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 No h

Easy Weekend Look

I used some old favorites this weekend! Back to the basics with Palette #1 and Upscale Lipstick! Did you catch my FB Live using the new eyeliner brush in this month’s Kudos to achieve this look?! 😍 Still obsessed with the new Pressed Powder and wearing it alone over Glorious Primer daily! It feels like I have nothing on! Also, I just got my NEW SPF 25 Finishing Powder today (just in time to leave for the beach Friday!☀️👌🏼) and my new Liquid Eyeshadows!!! Can't wait to try them out! Friday!☀️👌🏼) and my new Liquid Eyeshadows!!! Can't wait to try them out! #summer #eyeshadow #everydaylook #looks #kudos

LOVE these new products!

Give me ALL the glow!!! Obsessing today over these new Beachfront Kissed products! Especially loving this new golden highlighter! Never seen anything like this color! 😍👌🏼🏖 And then there's our NEW Lip Oil! Honest review – and why you need it: 1. It FEELS amazing!!! So silky smooth! ✔️ 2. My lips have never been this soft with zero dry skin, even in the very middle!!! With the sun drying out my lips this summer, this is essential!! 🔝 3. High gloss shine and finish! Whether you want to top a bold lip stain OR wear it by itself, it will add that high gloss shine without ever feeling sticky or gooey and your hair won’t stick to it in the wind! 💨 Now that’s a vacation must have!! 🏖 Shown h

Time for Summer!

Ahhh – you'll love this post! I'm sharing all my summer beauty secrets here! 🏖🍹☀️ 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 First of all – OMG!!! Younique just released your PERFECT vacation pack!!!!! Definitely taking this to Destin next week!! ☀️🏖 Give me all the GLOW!!!!! Dying seriously! That glow from the new highlighter is unmatched!! Here's the same Palette 4 from last week – this time, with more sophistication! Here’s a simple #Halo eye look with Addiction Palette #4 that you can recreate in 3 minutes!! 👌🏼 PLUS I love that the Addiction Palettes are in the Kudos this month!!! 👌🏼👇🏼 The rest of this look: Lips: Duet in Hitting it Off Foundation: Glorious Primer and the new Pressed Powder Foundation in C

Looks for the Pool & Mom's Night Out

We all need that summer “Pool” face right?! I’m LOVING the new Pressed Powder Foundation for my trips to the pool! It even held up after splashes and heat! This is a 6.5 minute face! Seriously! Powder Blush in Serene really added color to this super quick look. Addiction Palette 4 won today for a 1-color eyeshadow, and I'm wearing Stiff Upper Lip Lipstain in Serendipitous, which is one of my go to’s! Fun with Palette 4 a few nights ago for mom’s night out! I focused on using the navy colors from Addiction Palette 4. I will admit that they are sometimes intimidating!! And I started to look like that clown that Jennifer Lioy Belsher posted yesterday in my FB VIP group! 🤣🤣 But I saved it by b

Super-Quick Look for a Busy Day

This past Sunday was packed full, so a super-quick face was once again a must! I did this look live on the Sarah's Lash Stash FB page so be sure to catch the replay I am just now realizing how much I have been missing my Addiction palettes! I’ve been using the newer Pressed shadows so much that the palettes were getting neglected! Seriously, I'm so glad they are in the Kudos this month because there are SO many gorgeous colors and combos! Palette 4 is below and it is definitely my all time favorite! 👇🏼 Check out that airbrushed finish from the NEW Pressed Powder Foundation! I love adding Behold Setting Powder on top for extra staying power! The rest of my look: This entire look was SO quic

Don't miss the June Kudos!

💋✔️Not sure how they topped last month’s kudos, but they did!!!! I freaking love choices, however I’m really bad at decisions at least for myself. 🤣 (I’m really good at helping you choose the right palette and right lip color, so PM me and let’s play makeup!!) Today I made the fastest decision ever before my kids' summer camps and chose easy, neutral Palette 4 and Serendipitous Lipstain – two of my go-tos! Watch my story on Sarah's Lash Stash and on Instagram @mommymakeupbySarah for the full tutorial!! #makeuplook #collectionbag #tutorial #everydaylook