Makeup that Lasts & New Products!

THIS IS THE SAME MAKEUP FROM 8AM TO 11PM! (ALL THAT WAS ADDED WAS EXTRA LIPSTICK, LINER WING AND 2 DARKER SHADES OF EYESHADOW IN THE CREASE!) What I'm wearing: Moodstruck Addiction Eyeshadow Palette 1 for the win! Epic Mascara in Black Waterproof that came off easily with the new Cleansing Stick (releases 9/15) Opulence Lipstick in Upscale Skin Perfecting Concealer in Scarlet Glorious Primer Touch Pressed Powder in Crepe SPF Finishing Powder in Light Brow Palette in Light Powder Blush in Serene A La Mode Luminizer in Lustrous Beachfront Bronzer in Sunset New Products! OMG!!!!!!! 6 NEW pressed eyeshadow shades just released on my site!!!!! 🖐🏼🖐🏼If you order an 8-pack custom eyeshadow palet

Back-to-School & Some Great Deals!

Catch my live from this morning on Sarah's Lash Stash for this full tutorial! This Duet eyeshadow palette (or any color Duet eyeshadow palette) is FREE when you get the #Retiring Stop and Stare Collection! (Lips are Splash Liquid Lipstick in Stellar on top of Precision Lip Liner in Plush.) This collection has ALL of my favorites and products I use often, including: *Brow Obsession Palette, *Epic Mascara, *A La Mode highlighter of your choice, *Lip Exfoliator (to get the dead skin off your lips prior to lip product application), *Lip Liner of your choice, and *Splash Liquid Lipstick of your choice! Plus it comes with the BEST makeup bag that doubles as a purse with a detachable strap! All of

I'm All About the Lips!

Basics. Are. The. Best! And if you would have asked me 4 years ago – right before I started Younique – if a bright pink lip was a “basic” product for me, I would have laughed. I only ever went for “nude pinks.” Now I feel naked without a pop of color on my lips! Are you a nude lip gal?! Let’s add some color to your “basic” and help you feel as glam as I do in my 7 minute face! 👌🏼😍 Comment on this post and I'll get back to you right away – you'll be on your way to a new "basic look" in no time! Did you know it was National Lipstick Day on July 29??? 💄💋👇🏼🤗👇🏼 Look at this new exclusive lip color!!!!! You know I’m already obsessed since pink is my JAM!!! And it’s a soft neutral pink! (