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About Me

I'm a wife, mom of two kiddos (ages 4.75 and 6.5), a Chihuahua, "Trixi," (age 17) and a chocolate Lab (age 1.5), "Major," friend, sister, daughter, Austinite, UT Alum, 🍎 dietitian, Influencer, makeup lover, skincare enthusiast, and top-level Black Status Leader with Younique!  

I work my full time beauty influencing and leadership business – all from my cell phone.


However, I love every chance I get to get dressed up and be creative with my makeup! 

My Business Story

In November 2014 I was pregnant, working full time, parenting a toddler, married and taking care of a household. I was not looking for a second job, second career, or even to make more money.

I started noticing my high school friend posting on Facebook her love for a new makeup line called Younique. I watched her do her entire business all on Facebook. I love good beauty products so I had to see what this was all about!


Again, I wasn’t interested in the business side, but I thought, "what the heck, $99 for a starter kit full of great beauty products that I would buy anyway is a steal!"


From then on, I just shared with my friends about the makeup and skincare I was loving and BOOM – sales! And I was not a salesperson! I was simply just wearing the makeup and sharing it in social media and in messages to my friends.


Over 5 years later, I’ve built a large team and taught them to do just what I've done. I’ve moved my business from, not just facebook, but also Instagram and email! I’ve not only build my Younique business but I’ve built influence from it in all aspects of my life. I love sharing my entire lifestyle with my followers and have joined the RewardStyle and platforms as well. 

If you’re looking for purpose, good beauty products, creating a residual income, a full time income, increasing your influencing business or just a hobby, Younique and my team training is for you, too! Let’s talk!

So, what does “joining” mean exactly? Honestly, it just means this:


1. You get access to one on one influencer training and mentoring with me and my other leaders

2. You get $452 worth of beauty products for $99

3. Your own shopping website with 20%-30% commission on all of your own purchases or anyone else’s. 

4. Access to reward points to buy your beauty products all with rewards!  

5. Access to a network of other women entrepreneurs and friends!

6. Access to exotic trips and gifts! 

7. And SO much more!

PS - Remember, there are no commitments to giving it a shot either. No fees, no auto ships, and no repercussions! 

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