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Back-to-School & Some Great Deals!

Catch my live from this morning on Sarah's Lash Stash for this full tutorial!

This Duet eyeshadow palette (or any color Duet eyeshadow palette) is FREE when you get the #Retiring Stop and Stare Collection! (Lips are Splash Liquid Lipstick in Stellar on top of Precision Lip Liner in Plush.)

This collection has ALL of my favorites and products I use often, including:

*A La Mode highlighter of your choice,

*Lip Exfoliator (to get the dead skin off your lips prior to lip product application),

*Lip Liner of your choice, and

*Splash Liquid Lipstick of your choice!

Plus it comes with the BEST makeup bag that doubles as a purse with a detachable strap!

All of the other #Retiring collections come with FREE gift products too until September 1!

My favorite kind of things are free things! 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ What about you??


Back-to-School Time!

This past Monday was all about THEM. One more week until back-to-school for my kiddos!

Keira even told me today that she loves spending the whole day with me! #HelloMomGuilt 🤪

Good luck to all you mamas this week and next as your kids go off to school! I know it’s always emotional for all of us! They grow up WAY too FAST!


By the way, did you see that Epic Mascara in Black Waterproof and in Brown PLUS our new subscription service launched TODAY?!

I’m LOVING the waterproof – I'm wearing it in the above pics with Keira! It comes off easily with makeup remover like our new Cleansing Stick (which launches 9/15 - my bday! 🎉).

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