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Social Distancing and Skincare

How in the heck is it the middle of March Already!? What a crazy month this has been. We are in social isolation at home and craving summer and sun! You too? My soul lives for Spring and Summer colors and Fashion! Give me all the wedge sandals, bright pinks, blush pinks, and SUNSHINE! I just HOPE we have somewhere to wear them this summer...

One thing I’ve been really focused on at home is skincare! It’s the

perfect time to give me skin a break and really take care of it. I’ve been using a variety of masks (used the Perfecting one in the photo with activated charcoal for detoxing and removing impurities) every other day as well as nightly and morning skincare diligently. I am not exaggerating when I say that my skin has never looked more even toned, glowing and healthy! Aside from things like Botox that I get regularly injected by a plastic surgeon, You-ology skincare is all my skin sees. The fact that it is customized to my skintype really makes a difference.

If you are anything like me and forget to order your products before you run out, this new subscription service is going to ease your anxiety! You won’t have to drop a pretty penny on rush shipping or worry about running over to the drug store to then spend 20 minutes trying to figure out what product won’t ruin your diligent skincare in the meantime. Your skincare regimen will show up at your doorstep right when you need it, without worry. You can also feel good about subscribing to something that you can delay, cancel or change at an easy click of a button. You can even delay one product that you don’t need yet. Plus it will give you free shipping And that in itself is worth subscribing to me!!

Want to get started on your custom skincare regimen? Click here to take the custom skincare quiz to find out exactly what you need.


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