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April Isolation Brings Lots of Time for Self Care!

I hope you are enjoying this new stay at home life! Everything’s getting really clean and organized around here!! Lol!

I’ve had tons of time to get ready and nowhere to go. I’m saving money on not getting my nails, Botox, facials, brows, lashes or my hair done 😳😂! I am starting to realize how crazy high maintenance I have been, and it’s very eye opening!

My skin is LOVING being so well taken care of since I have plenty of time to use my You-ology custom regimen and my You-Ology masks. I’ve also been trying new ways to apply my primer and foundation. Next I am going to work on new lip looks for Spring. Coming soon...

In order for me to feel as normal as possible I have to do lots of normal things. This includes exercising, showering and getting ready each day. I’ve included some photos of what I’ve been doing. I know that sounds silly, but getting ready makes me so much more productive! All those house project and business projects are finally getting done! Please share any projects you have tackled during this time. I’d love to see them!

I am feeling so freaking grateful to have my social media based beauty business right now. The beauty market never slows down and you can stay right at home and play makeup or show off your skin via social media. If you’ve ever given any thought to doing what I do, let’s chat. I’d love to mentor you as much or as little as you’d like! It’s only $99 for the new Beauty Box AKA Presenter Kit which has $448 worth of product right now and no other fees or anything that locks you into selling. Click here to see the kit or click here to read my story.

Below is a before and after of me in the Hydrating Primer, Stick Foundation and Behold Setting Powder. It’s one of my favorite foundations! Shop the April special here!

If you are looking to renew your tired, dull skin while you’re at home, I posted an IGTV tutorial on instagram of how and when to use the Exfoliating Mask. You can view it here.

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